About Us

Hidden Treasures is a website developed by the Government Information Services Limited (GISL) to encourage visitors to assist us in identifying the clips and images posted of various historical content gathered from our media collections. This opportunity is provided to engage you in discovering our country’s lost treasures and forgotten hidden gems.

GISL has in its custody decades of archival broadcast recordings with information about Trinidad and Tobago’s history and culture.

Most of these legacy recordings possess little supporting documentation and in instances, inadequate identifiable labels or descriptions. Over the years, the demand for historical information has propelled GISL to establish this site, to ensure we gather precise data on our archives, to enable us to provide you with timely and accurate access to content.

This website was developed by GISL as one aspect of a partnership for a Pilot Digitisation Project undertaken by the GISL and the University of the West Indies (UWI).
When you submit the information on the content you review, we will determine whether or not we have discovered some of our nation’s forgotten historical treasures. Kindly provide information that you know is accurate because it is essential for the contextualising of the archival content in our custody. This support from you will add tremendous value to the archives and benefit nationals and future generations in knowing and understanding their history.

We welcome any additional information that you can provide that will add value to the content posted on our website.